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What are Grad Bucks? Grad Bucks are the Grad Night currency the grads use to spend on prizes, raffle items and gamble in the

casino. Parents of all grade levels (9-12) are encouraged to volunteer...earn up to 200,000 Grad Bucks for your student when you do!


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Congratulations Class of 2019! Check back next year for Grad Night 2020 information.


What is Grad Night?


Grad Night is a non-profit organization that is 100% donation and volunteer driven. We host an all-night celebration for SCHS graduates to spend one last time together as a class in their gym, which is transformed into a magical venue full of entertainment, activities, food, music, prizes, raffles and more!

Grad Night is supported by the CHP and MADD, in an effort to keep our graduates safe and secure upon graduation. "Sober Graduation" is both a title and an objective established by the CHP in 1985, and at SCHS it has remained a 30+ year tradition!

Donate to SCHS Grad Night

All donations are greatly appreciated!


Every $10 donation received earns 1,000 Grad Bucks for your student!

Earn up to 200,000 Grad Bucks by sending a check made payable to:


SCHS Grad Night

PO Box 5762

San Clemente, CA 92674-5762


Put your student's name and graduation year in the memo line.


All donations made by your business will be acknowledged in the local newspaper as a Grad Night sponsor.



SCHS Triton Beach Towels: $35

Contact if you would like to purchase one.

All proceeds go directly to Grad Night!




Board Members:

President – Jack Nakatani

Vice President – James Duncan

Treasurer – Delia Van Kampen

Secretary – Lisa Carerra

Grad Night is a 100% volunteer-driven organization.

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